The ATO requires all self-lodgers to lodge their tax return by the 31 October 2017 deadline to avoid penalties.

If you were completing your own tax return and were unable to lodge by 31 October 2017, contact Jim’s Tax Australia as soon as possible.

Jim’s Tax Australia have special lodgement schedules and can lodge returns for clients later than the 31 October 2017 deadline. In some cases this can be up to MAY 2018.

If you missed the deadline …

So if you have missed the deadline, it is important to contact an authorised tax agent and who better than a trusted Jim’s.

If you expect a tax bill, don’t delay lodging. We can automatically get you an extension to March 2018 for personal payments and if you are finding it hard to pay on time we can work with you and the ATO to tailor a payment plan to your circumstances.

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